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Post date: Jul 18, 2017 8:33:3 PM

Sulaimani Polytechnic University announced its agreement with the Petroleum Training Institute

in Basra to enhance their joint cooperation, indicating that this came with the blessing of the Federal Oil Ministries, Higher Education and Scientific Research of Kurdistan and the result of constructive coordination with the British Council and the Scottish College of Fort Valley.

This came during the signing ceremony of the University and the Institute on a memorandum of cooperation on Wednesday, July 5, 2017 in the Great Hall of the Cultural Center of the University of the SPU , in the presence of the President of the University Dr. Alan Faridoon Ali Amin, and the Director of the Institute Ali Rahim Fayyadh.

Dr Alan said, the agreement comes within the framework of the university’s keenness to prepare a qualified scientific and technical staff that meets the needs of the labor, production and labor market sectors, especially the international oil companies operating in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq in general he added, the preparation of the Convention was through continues over a full year of coordination with the support of the British Council and the College of Fort Valley Fort Valley Scottish.

He added that the agreement believes in investing the capabilities of the two parties and their expertise to develop the infrastructure of the Technical College of Engineering and its oil and energy engineering department, as well as the cadres of students, teachers and researchers. This is a pioneering step for the first time between the Iraqi oil authority in Basra and an academic body in the Kurdistan Region based on the importance of the oil sector, which is vital in the national economy and the need to pay attention to its development and strengthen the capacity of its staff.

For his part, the director of of Petroleum Training Institute in Basra said , the Convention is a wonderful initiative directed cooperation between the two ministries : Federal ministry of oil represented by the Institute of Petroleum training in Basrah and Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of KRG represented by Sulaimani Polytechnic University , as a step to strengthen cooperation between southern Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, noting that the Convention will open up broad prospects for constructive and fruitful cooperation to develop infrastructure and invest experiences to enhance the capabilities of the parties’ employees.

The cooperation agreement includes the exchange of experiences and visits, training activities, conferences or joint workshops and the provision of seats for members of the Petroleum Training Institute in Basra in the postgraduate programs implemented by the SPU, as well as cooperation in developing the curricula of the two parties and conducting joint research.

The SPU has developed a department of Oil and Energy Engineering at its TCE(Technical College of Engineering) in 2016. The department currently includes about 70 students in morning and evening studies and has started a postgraduate / master’s program that will start in September

The Petroleum Training Institute in Basra affiliated to the Federal Oil Ministry. It was established in 1994 and include four sections: Oil, Liquidation and Purification of Gas, Mechanics and Electricity.

The ceremony was attended by the Dean of the Technical Institute of Darbandikhan, Dr. Salem Neemat Aziz, Head of Oil and Energy Engineering Department, College of Engineering, Dr. Nabil Talabani and Director of Public and Academic Relation at the University of the SPU , Dr.Bakhtiar Obaid Sharif .. and from the Petroleum Training Institute in Basra , Deputy Director for Technical Affairs Eng,Mlhm Abdulrazak and Director of the Institute branch in Meesan, Dr. Abdul Kareem Ali, Director of Liquidation and Purification Department, Eng Safa Abdul Ghani and Director of Oil Department at the Institute Mohammad Nuri Jazaa.