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Post date: Aug 06, 2017 12:28:59 PM

    • August 6, 2017


Sulaimani Polytechnic University has received about sixty research papers to participate in the International Scientific Conference, which it plans to organize in cooperation with the University of Cihan in August, indicating that it was sent by researchers Japanese, Malaysians, Argentina, Saudis and Iranians as well as other Kurds and Iraqis.

A member of the organizing committee for the conference, Kanar Roshn Tariq, said that the preparations continue to hold the first international scientific conference for Engineering and Computing during the period from 22 to 24 August 2017 under the slogan of “preparation for the Fourth Industrial Revolution “noting that the conference organized by the SPU in Partnership With the Cihan University in Sulaimani.

he added that the conference will be held under the auspices of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Kurdistan, Dr.Yousif Goran and each of the presidents of the SPU Dr.Alan Faraidoon Ali , and Cihan University Dr.Aram Abdulwahed and it will be lasting for two days, pointing out that the conference work focuses on Engineering specialties and computer sciences and those related to them in order to absorb the outputs of the research activity of the Kurdish researchers and introduce them as well as encourage them to exchange experiences with their Iraqi peers and from around the world to see the latest scientific and technical developments. As well as contribute to the development of engineering and computing in the world.

The member of the organizing Committee added that the conference will be chaired by Ms. Naomi Salem of University of Technology in Malaysia. The conference will be facilitated by the Vice president of Scientific Affairs Dr.Soran Saeed and Dr. Rozhin Mohammed, lecturer at the SPU, Dr. Kamran Hama Ali and Dr. Arez Mohammed from Cihan University ,He also added that the organizing Committees for the conference will continue their work diligently to prepare the organizational aspects and preparations for the reception of participants and bear the costs of transport and housing for foreigners, in addition to preparing visits to them to acquaint them with the history of Sulaimani and its heritage and the included sites of tourism and entertainment.

Kanar stressed that the committee received about 60 research from Japan, Malaysia, Argentina, Saudi Arabia and Iran as well as other from the Kurdistan Region and Iraq stressing that the research received will be subject to evaluation by the Scientific Committee of the Conference, and that the closing session of the conference will announce the best of three joint research and distribution of prizes and certificates of appreciation to participants in addition the publishing of the participated research in the scientific journal of the SPU.

For any information regarding the conference, kindly visit the following link